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MFM TV | Global TV on-air design – Guadeloupe

Sound Design and On-air Visual Identity  for MFM TV:

Brand NEW  TV on-air design! The tropical TV for Caribbean people all over the world. Visual on-air design and sound design by Reezom. D.Tabor station director: Reezom’s jingles give us all we needed to stand out from our first beginning in that competitive market. We had comprehensive listening and a full service.

The media knowledge and creativity of Jean Sebastien and his team give our marketing positioning a real + value. We have used the expertise of Reezom’s radio producers to give a powerful and effective sound design. And of course that trendy look with 3D visuals, we knew it would do. We have taken our experience in TV and Audio and applied it to this great project. It’s a real example of teamwork. When MFMTV came to us, they wanted a visual identity that would resonate with viewers, while expressing their personality as a broadcaster and attracting brands looking to promote their products.

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