tv-show-imaging-habillage-émission by reezom

ROUGE TV – Mika & Co | TV show imaging – Switzerland

TV show imaging: New ID from ground up

Create a new tv show imaging from the ground up – brand new tv show. The French-speaking Swiss TV channel, ROUGE TV launches a new Talk show by February 23rd at 18:30.
This TV channel is broadcasted on Cablecom, Naxoo and on the TNT. It covers  the majority of the communes of Vaud, of which Lausanne – Switzerland. Rouge TV is Broadcasting also best clips, exclusive programming offered all day, as well as musical sets. Reezom was approached by ROUGE TV to create the graphic TV Imaging of Mika and Co.

We are recognized for the originality and the creativity of our productions, as well as musical as visual. We create intro sequences that entice the viewer and outro sequences that leave a lasting impression. This is our every day’s job.

Animation – Motion Graphics for Broadcast Design

We provide animated transitions as part of broadcast design packages. Transition can give your piece that ‘little bit extra’ to improve its overall production value. Bold titles, slick transitions and striking supers are just essential for your TV or web production to get to the next level.

These elements form part of the signature ‘look’ of the broadcast and impact the viewer’s perception of the program’s quality. So it’s worth capitalising on the opportunity to make a strong visual statement. And even more if you had sound design or sonic branding to it.

Always focused on evolving the sound of jingles, idents, and imaging. It led us to create audio branding and promo videos and teaser with effective and High impact short-form IDs that harness the proven recall of a sung melody. You will be involved at every step of the way so you will feel that you are very much part of the whole process. 

We supply all audio and video assets needed to build the strongest audio and video brands possible creating catchy earworms and jingles. As we are a full-service audio/visual creative agency.  Please give a watch on our youtube channel. 



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