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SEPALUMIC | Audio Logo and music Marketing DNA – France

Marketing DNA, spot advertising and sound logo

Here are the latest productions, sound logo design, and audio branding (marketing DNA) for Sepalumic. That French company in aluminum joinery is based near Bordeaux, in Carbon-blanc. A new customized audio identity allows the company to impose a sound mark. It will support its strategic and tactical vision to meet their audio communication needs. Audio branding in an original musical production is tailored to keep the authenticity and exclusivity of sound advertising. But also to keep the marketing environment of the company. It is designed to generate maximum memorization of the audio identity of the brand. Working the Brand rather than advertising has the advantage of being much more sustainable. As you need creative, outside-the-box marketing, this requires having finesse, a fine knowledge of the issues of sound communication. Audio branding matters for one specific reason: speed. Usually, to capture the attention of the end consumer, stimulate recall you’d have to run, several times a day, your advertisement. Sound is incredibly powerful because of the speed at which you can capture your audience’s attention. You will thus ‘cement’ your brand in their mind. Branding allows from the first stage of the creative process, to impose a sound mark among listeners. Amongst other advantages, creative advertising improves the advertising campaigns of the brand, making them more effective. Please have a look at our promo videos and visual production work. You can enhance any type of business with the right type of promotional video content. Our different packages give you the ability to create different types of commercials for business events and more. An effective and easy way to start the process of creating your sound identity with videos exclusively designed to support your brand… Get in touch here.

Audio – audio branding + sound logo

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