Mfm tv imaging by reezom

MFM TV | Global TV imaging – Guadeloup

Sound design and visual Imaging for MFM TV:

Brand NEW  TV imaging! The tropical TV for caribbean people all over the world. Visual imaging and sound design by Reezom. D.Tabor station director: ‘Reezom’s jingles give us all we needed to stand out from our first beginning in that competitive market. We had a comprehensive listening and a full service. The media knowledge and creativity of Jean Sebastien and his team gives our marketing positioning a real + value.’’ ‘’We have used the expertise of Reezom’s radio producers to give a powerful and effective sound design but also a trendy look with 3D visuals. We have taken our experience in TV and Audio and applied it to this great project. It’s a real example team work.’’

 TV Jingles/ID

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