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JUST’UN REGARD | Radio jingle and audio logo – France

Radio jingle, audio logo and vocal signature

Introducing the brand new radio jingle and audio logo with vocal signature of Just’un Regard. They are a leading optical brand located in Rhône-Alpes, Auvergne, Loire and Haute-Loire, France. Applying their expertise with multi-purpose optical glass wear (sun, sports, and vision) to the radio waves with a brand-new musical marketing campaign that optimizes the brand’s reach to potential and existing clients.

By defining a specific and creative musical identity through a unique sound design, companies around the world are effectively forming an audio bond with listeners that is easy to memorize. While strong visuals are key, it’s also recommended to communicate a story in just a few seconds of sound. Audio logos are the sounds instantaneously associated with a brand. Distinctive audio melodies will set you apart and differentiate you from other key players in your target market.
Our team has extensive knowledge of branding and the creative process needed to achieve an audio identity that will resonate with the listener.

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Audio Logo, audio branding or sound branding is the starting point in the creative musical branding concept. The sound identity has to be designed with a global vision of the brand’s core values and of its future marketing approach.
With this in mind, the longevity of the audio identity is one of the most important goals of the creative process and is thought out as a long-term investment that should not be altered with each promotional campaign launch. We see these elements as the backbone of your brand, supporting your core values, image, and potential target groups.
In other words, it is a coherent and sustainable way to position and differentiate yourself from your competition.
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