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MMG | Motion design explainer videos – Guadeloupe

Explainer Videos Motion Design – “Covid19”

Below is the motion design  “explainer videos” we just made for the MMG. The Mutuelle Mare Gaillard in Guadeloupe. This video is broadcast on their website, YouTube channel and in Martinique and Guadeloupe. An explanatory video that explains all the services available online from this mutual.

When you need to explain a concept/offer or a process, a motion design video remains the best communication support. For your explanatory videos, we take care of the whole process of transforming your ideas into dynamic, fun and informative animations.

We provide all the graphic design work as well as the briefing and music production. (or adaptation of a harmonious graphic charter and a new signature to differentiate yourself, with a modern logo). We also let you take advantage of our expertise to make your video remarks as powerful as possible! We also allow ourselves to distill our advice. Don’t forget to check out what we produce in videos, promo videos and visuals on our YouTube channel.

We encourage you to consider starting your video marketing process with our low-cost offer. This way of doing things gives you the opportunity to create various types of promotional videos and advertisements, business event promo videos and more. You may need as well a brand’s catchy jingle or earworm with this option. Promoting your business with a promotional video is possible and effective for companies of all sizes. The choice here provides you with the ability to improve your digital marketing with a variety of promotional videos and advertisements.


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