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The global TV video promos for Rougefm – Switzerland! After an Ad for Cannes and TV, the customer came and ask: the last commercial was terrific. Now can you make a global one for us ?….

Our team works to create a successful advertising product. We want to find out exactly what you are looking for and then use our creative expertise to deliver a TV commercial production that meets all of those specifications and needs.
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Cannes Festival

What color is your station?
Every year Rouge FM – Switzerland brings you to live coverage from the heart of festivals in Cannes and Ibiza. Reezom was the company of choice to create a unique TV advertising campaign for Rouge FMs coverage of these prestigious events.


screenshot rouge fm video for TV 1 screenshot rouge fm TV 2 screenshot rouge fm 3 screenshot rouge fm video for TV 4 screenshot rouge fm video for TV 5 screenshot rouge fm video for TV 6 screenshot rouge fm video for TV 7 screenshot rouge fm 8 screenshot rouge fm video for TV 9 screenshot rouge fm TV 10 screenshot rouge fm TV 11 screenshot rouge fm video for TV 12

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