New jingle package for Oxygene in France

News 16 Mar 16

Oxygene: has just renewed its station IDs with a whole new package of jingles. Made on the same lines as last ones, these jingles are just effective with male voice. It’s a powerful jingles package. This production can be heard on the Oxygen page or on our Soundcloud page. Since past few years, Oxygen and its sister station, Horizon in France trust our studio for their branding. This local radio station near Paris in France, fiercely pushes itself in this competitive market by maximizing its presence and the brand by regularly updating its jingles and using music and jingles power to create impact.

TV Ad Martinique Surf Pro 2016

News 10 Mar 16

Martinique Surf Pro teaser) for TV & Radio Brand new teaser video for Martinique Surf Pro. A TV ad with a music ,we composed and including sonic ID. It’s an advertisement that highlights professionalism and quality of the event. Take a Listen on the Martinique Surf Pro page or on our Youtube channel.

Radiodays Show!

News 05 Mar 16

Reezom: @radiodays in Paris, France,to present our latest jingles et video production. Visuals For Radio TV commercials and visual for your Visual radio. Looking forward to see you all there . It’s a great time to find anyone in the industry and of course for you to listen to our station IDs and watch some video ads. We have beautiful TV commercials to show you. So, feel free to visit us on booth 21. We’ll be there and we’ll be waiting for you. And we hope to convince you to make us sing your brand too!

Salon de la radio Paris

News 29 Jan 16

Reezom: We will be in Paris, France for the radio conference! The first stop in the tour will allow you to see and hear our latest Jingles and TV ad productions. Visit the event’s website to find us on map and do not hesitate to come and see us! Having said that, let us tell you that you will hear our jingles from far … Because we intend to raise the watts from time to time.


Happy Holidays!

News 25 Dec 15

Reezom: The entire team of Reezom wishes you a very happy festive season! Wanting a special holidays’ jingle package to give your listeners the real melodies of Christmas? Listen to our package on CHGA (Quebec), RVM (Guadeloupe) and Radio Chablais (Switzerland)! A jingle package which is a concept in itself and you will soon find your Christmas jingles rather bland in front of our musical compositions which are specially designed to celebrate Christmas time. It’s also a good way to differentiate your station from the competition.


RVM welcome in Guadelupe

News 02 Dec 15

RVM : This radio station from Guadelupe got its first sung jingles. This is a brand new package of Christmas sung jingles. You will have what you need to cheer for Christmas because this Christmas package is designed keeping festive melodies in mind. So, expect some familiar sounds here. A step into Reezom’s world.

Reezom’s jingles on air in Ivory Coast – Africa

News 02 Dec 15

Trace fm has just launched its radio station Ivory Coast Africa, Trace FM Côte D’Ivoire with our package of jingles. The Company is developing its franchise network and Trace FM is its first station which is built in Abidjan. A wonderful thing is that it started with our jingles. Obviously, we shall put in some extra effort so that everything sounds perfectly and sound identity gains its permanent footage in this market and also so that the production awakens in you listeners the desire to sing. So, you can now enjoy the Trace vibe in Ivory Coast.

CHGA jingles for Christmas

News 02 Dec 15

A brand new christmas package for CHGA ! CHGA, regional music and private radio station in the Gatineau Valley in Quebec, broadcasts our Christmas package! Bells will ring this winter on this radio station; in other words, you will discover some brand new jingles which are produced by Reezom. Sound IDs, music and vocals that are not just some bells on a music base but real Christmas compositions used as jingles to celebrate holidays time as well as the brand.

RBR Caribean sound and jingles

News 20 Nov 15

RBR: add 21 new jingles to their playlist. RBR just launched a package of brand new 21 jingles. Thoses station Ids that are perfect additions to the previous ones are being heard and shared by everyone in Fort de France and around. It’s a powerful ID that is created to make a mark in Martinique and help this radio station grow with each passing day. There is a nice local flavor with the sound that resonates well and has a strong identity. Just enough so that people remember!

Say yes to Swiss

News 28 Sep 15

Yesfm: The Rouge Group has launched a new program and a new imaging which is produced by Reezom. This station imaging was produced to be a fair continuation of the previous one. We had to renew it without changing the codes much. So, we adapted this series of jingles to a new playlist. We stick with pop, rock that includes hits & our jingles; basically we stick with our tried and tested formula… Keep the brand strong and make it sing…