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Cool FM | Radio jingles production – Gabon

Cool FM Gabon – African Jingles

Another radio station in Africa which came to give us the mandate to shape its Imaging. sound blended sung vocals to create a trendy and distinctive identity, whilst retaining its HOT AC radio format. Resing jingles production – African Jingles. A re-sung package produced with music tracks chosen from our original music catalogue, with customized sung lines and signature. This new jingle package is a resing of various Reezom package, but sounds custom made!  @Reezom, we believe in signature values. Every package is custom-designed to integrate seamlessly with your brand, and with production quality to match the music you play. Your station needs to sound unique, with music imaging and jingles that reflects the personality of your playlist.

Our jingle packages are designed to make your station sound exciting, musically on-trend to fit your playlist and memorable. We make your station sing and your listeners too! Whether it is a re-sung or custom production, we always deliver what you need and make your station sounds unique. Shoot us a message!

Always focused on evolving the sound of jingles, idents, and imaging. It led us to create audio branding and promo videos and teaser with effective and High impact short-form IDs that harness the proven recall of a sung melody without sounding like a traditional jingle. We supply all audio and video assets needed to build the strongest audio and video brands possible creating catchy earworms and jingles. As we are a full-service audio/visual creative agency.  Please give a watch on our youtube channel. 

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