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COOL FM | Radio jingles production – Gabon

Cool FM Gabon – African Jingles

Cool FM is another station in Africa that we had the pleasure of working with. The station sought us for a fresh new package and relied on us to provide direction for the entire sonic brand. We blended sung vocals to create a trendy and distinctive identity that retained a fundamentally HOT AC sound to ensure consistency with the station format. Resing jingles production – African Jingles. A re-sung package produced with music tracks chosen from our original music catalogue, with customized sung lines and signature. This new jingle package was a resing of various Reezom packages, but it sounded custom made!  @Reezom, we believe in signature values. Every package is of the highest quality and custom-designed to integrate seamlessly with your brand and the music you play. Your station needs to stand out with imaging and jingles that reflect the personality of your playlist.

Our jingle packages are designed to make your station sound exciting and musically on-trend. We make sure that your station branding fits your playlist and is memorable. We deliver a fun, upbeat mix of music to give your station’s sound a positive and trendy edge.  Catchy and creative, we know how to make jingles that your listeners will want to sing along too. Moreover, whether you’re in the market for a re-sung package or a custom production, we always deliver what you need to make your station sound unique. Shoot us a message!

Please check out samples of our work on our youtube channel. 

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